Mr.Edwin den Hartog


Royal Patat

 ‘We have been working with Uniway Recruitment for almost 2 years now. Everyone working at Uniway Recruitment is focused and decicated to get the best potential candidate for the job. Their approach is different from other companies I have worked with and that is why all our staff that has been placed by Uniway Recruitment is a perfect match for our company. I would like to recommend this company to everybody.'

Ms.Jean Qin


HR Director

APAX group

 ‘认识不少猎头,有工作和生活热情的不多,Jenny是典型的集专业度和效率为一体的猎头伙伴,并且她公司的同事服务意识很强。在我加入一个快节奏的新兴行业后,遇到一些talent pool非常有限、缺少市场参考依据的职位,Jenny和她的团队会和我一起探索招聘方向和职位适应性,甚至会帮助我描述候选人画像,这是非常难得的高悟性和理解力。从反应速度和服务态度来讲也从没让我失望过。对我来说,他们的作用已从一个猎头转变成咨询者,我极力推荐Uniway Recruitment的服务。"

‘I developed a business relationship with Uniway when I was launching a new medical services start up in China. I arrived in Shanghai and was desperately in need for talents and The proper Chinese co-founder for the business. I knew I also needed someone to bridge as fast and as much as possible the cultural gap between the western (French in my case) and the Chinese culture : a sparring partner to share my thoughts and be challenged on my goals, maybe also a coach. This is what I found with Jenny. She has the talent, a great listening capacity, the energy of an entrepreneur (as she is one herself), the courage to express her opinion in a straight forward way. Her team is very committed. I found a partner, we recruited a significant portion of our team and she was coaching the team for our first steps and decisions in an intercultural and challenging environment. Moreover it was a real pleasure to spend time together discussing about China in a very informal way. I really enjoyed the cooperation and can only invite you to adopt the Uniway Recruitment service.’

Mr.Pierre Janin


AXA Group

Successful Cases

Client Feedbacks

' Jenny from Uniway Recruitment is highly  focused. She helped me putting forward a selection of excellent fit both technically and culturally, candidates. I found Jenny to be very dedicated and engaged.Highly recommend their services.'  

Mr.Jose Luis


Head of Economics

Embassy of Mexico

 ‘SINO has used a number of different recruitment consultants over the past 12 years and we found Uniway to be the most effective. Their understanding of our requirements was exceptional which lead to the rapid identification of relevant candidates who we were able to hire very quickly.  Their onboarding process and after sales care (of candidate and client) are second to none and unique in the industry. I would definitely recommend Uniway to friends and colleagues.’

Mr.Antony Ward

Gerneral Manager

SINO Engineering