Six Tips On Cross Cultural Leadership

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Specialized in placing middle to senior talents, Uniway Consulting is dedicated to serve a wide range of clients worldwide with nearly 85% of our clients from 15 different countries.

Uniway Consulting作为一家针对中外资企业的人才咨询服务公司(服务内容包括中高端职位招聘,人事咨询等),其中近85%的客户是来此分布在18个国家的外资客户。 


In the past years, we have been working very closely with hundreds of foreign executives from different industries and with diverse cultural backgrounds. We found out that some of our clients face challenges on topics like cross cultural communication, local team management, and others due to various factors such as culture differences, language barriers, fast changing local business practices, etc.




Facing diverse cultural backgrounds and fast changing market environment, how can foreign executives achieve desired business results by adapting to local business environment? We received increasing service requests on this topic. On 9th September 2020, we were delighted to invite Mr. François Lucas to share his experience on Cross-Cultural Leadership via webinar, which provided some constructive advice and tips for foreign executives in China who are facing similar challenges as he went through while working in China.

面对多样化文化背景和市场环境,一名外籍管理者如何才能切换自如,取得理想的业绩?越来越多的客户向Uniway Consulting提出了需要咨询的需求。因此我们特意在2020年9月9日邀请了来自法国的Mr. François Lucas先生通过现身说法为我们做了一场线上专题研讨,一起探讨“跨文化领导力”这一话题。为被文化差异导致管理困扰的外籍高管提供一些有效的建议。







Mr. François Lucas, who has almost 20 years of experience living and working in China, he started his China experience by serving different auto companies. Currently, he is working as General Manager of EStamp,  a Spanish automotive parts company based in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

François Lucas先生有着近20年在中国生活和工作的经验,他曾经在不同的知名汽车公司任职,目前就职于无锡艾斯坦汽车零部件有限公司EStamp,担任总经理。



He experienced a real "Journey to the East."Nearly 10 years working as an senior executive in China,the collision of Chinese and Western cultures had brought Lucas doubts and confusions, of which we can know some examples in Q&A part.



Mr. François Lucas shared the ups and downs of two major auto companies in the Chinese market, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen and Shanghai Santana.



Through this particular experience, he had a deep understanding of the cultural and historical differences between China and the West: the different ways of thinking, working and living. He provides us with his unique insights, and we can summarize the following key takeaways below:通过这样的案例,他深切的体会到中西方文化历史的不同,工作方式的迥异,也为我们提供了他的独特见解,我们总结了以下重要的几个方面:


1.Know the language, the culture, and the peoples. Be an interpreter, a bridge,and a coach.


2. Build a team, retain and grow it by repeating the process.


3.Understand local people from all perspectives, meanwhile adapt to the local market.


4.Conduct your companys SWOT analysis in a local context and see if your competitive advantages still exist.


5.Be agile is more important than being flexible while motivating employees during downturns.


6.Respect local culture by adopting an international mindset.



Lets follow the video to experience Mr. François Lucas“Journey to the East.” You are warmly invited to leave a message, to share your tips in“Journey to the East,”so we can learn more on “how to become a better Cross-Cultural Leader”, especially in China.

想了解更多细节吗?让我们跟随视频一起解读 François Lucas 先生的“东游记”之旅,同时也欢迎大家给我们留言,一起“取经”成长,更好地做好中国区的跨文化企业管理。 




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